Half Term Fun

Hiya NJS

Hope you have had a lovely weekend so far. This evening I spotted this, I am going to have a go with my own children. Maybe you would enjoy it to? Tomorrow is an ‘Exhibition in a Box’ !! Send me some photos if you wish jeni.kuczynska@taw.org.uk.

Note for Parents: The Ironbridge Gorge Museums are hosting home activities on their Facebook Page. They are posting on Facebook what is needed for the activity at 3pm the day before! The activities are hosted at 12pm each day this week I believe. It looks fun 🙂

Enjoy the bank holiday

Love Mrs Kuczynska xxx

Half Term

It is half term next week: we hope you are able to enjoy some time as a family.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be no home learning provided during half term.

NJS is closed next week: we have of course provided for our keyworker children who are attending provision with Activ8.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Monday 1st June is a PD day: NJS staff need time to prepare if phased reopening is confirmed.

Thank you to all members of TeamNJS: they have worked incredibly hard over this last half term.  They have cared for keyworker children, provided home learning opportunities, taught live lessons, telephoned you all, completed paperwork ‘behind the scenes’ and even kept you entertained!  I hope they are able to enjoy their half term break; they absolutely deserve it.

Thank you all so, so much for your continued understanding and support.  We are very grateful to all of our wonderful families.

Online Safety Monthly update – Parents page

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the latest NJS Online Safety update – I have prepared a plethora of links to helpful pages for your perusal!

ParentZone – what would schools normally be telling children about Online Safety?

CEOP Parents advice page

The following link should take you to the CEOP website, and offers an explanation of the CEOP Online Safety for children materials and what they are about. I urge you to watch the whole video, as it also explains the sort of things children are doing online now and what to watch for, or where to find advice if you’re worried:

Online safety Videos for parents

The next series of links go to a range of Online Safety activities for children to complete, with each one taking no more than 15-30 minutes. A few of the activities may be better printed, but you can always copy the text or try to adapt them, or use them visually. Find a way!

The first link is aimed at KS1, but may be of use for ‘younger’ year 3 children:

Suitable for Years 1-3:  Online Safety activities for 5-7 year-olds

The following activities are suitable for most children at KS2:

Suitable for Years 3, 4 and 5: Online Safety activities for 8-10 year-olds

The following link is aimed at children who are transitioning Primary/Secondary school, or are already at Secondary school. As with all the materials, I strongly recommend that you watch / examine all the materials for suitability for your children, as some children may not be at the same stages of social media use, so the following link may be less relevant / suitable for your child. You know your children best!

Suitable for Year 6+ only:   Online Safety activities for 11-13 year-olds

If you have any questions, please email me at andrew.butler@taw.org.uk


Mr Butler

3W science work

Our Year 3’s have been learning all about flowers, paying particular attention to scientific names of the different parts of the flower.

Here are two examples from 3W. Across the year group we have received many beautiful, scientific posters that we have been sharing over the last few days.

James and Alexis have done brilliant pieces of work that they should be very proud of! Keep up all the hard work.

Please keep sending in all your great photos – I love seeing what you are all up to!

Miss W