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Please note that the link from the Newsfeed to our Facebook page is currently not working therefore website updates are not automatically feeding into Facebook at the moment.  Our web designer is resolving this and we expect it to be fully working early next week!

Stranger Danger

Dear Parent/Carer,
I am writing to make you aware that we have received information that a car was behaving suspiciously this morning at around 8.30 am on the junction between Audley Road and Audley Avenue. The car was a dark grey Renault Scenic with four males in it. The car was parked near the junction and moved on when they saw the adult looking at them. The police and local authority have been informed.
Please continue to be vigilant and remind your child about the rules for keeping safe.
If you see anything suspicious on the school run please make sure that you inform us and the relevant authorities.
Best Wishes