Mrs Wood kindly organises our pen recycling scheme at NJS and a collection had been arranged for today: look how many we are recycling!  Well done NJS.

There are pen collection boxes in all bubbles so pens can be brought into school for recycling.


We have been made aware by a member of the community that some NJS pupils have been spotted cycling without helmets.  We are doing brilliantly well with the ‘Big Pedal’ challenge however part of this initiative is also ensuring children understand safe travel.  Please remind your children that when cycling to school they should take their helmet and please support them in ensuring their helmet is correctly fitted.

So.. some useful reminders for safe use of scooters and bikes for the journey to and from school:

*Children  must wear a helmet.

*Children must use the roads or pavements appropriately and be considerate of those travelling on foot.

*Children must dismount their bikes/scooters as soon as they arrive at the green or black gates and should not mount them until they have left school site.

*We advise families to talk together about the safest route to take to school and the best crossing points where children will have good vision in both directions where possible.

KEEP GOING: We are currently 15th nationally out of over 2,000 schools!


PLEASE name your uniform!

Please can we ask parents and carers to help us by ensuring all belongings and items of uniform are labelled clearly with their child’s name.  When children leave their belongings around school they are instantly returned if named, if they aren’t named it is very difficult to identify.

Names can be clearly written on belongings but also remember our PTA have a fundraising opportunity with ‘My Nametags’ which are ideal for labelling all items….


Some families have been ‘surprised’ that when COVID related symptoms have been reported to us we request a PCR test even though you may have had access to a Lateral Flow test at home.  Please find below guidance from the Health Hub explaining why they ask schools to ensure a PCR is carried out before a child returns:

‘It is particularly important to have a PCR carried out if children are showing Covid 19 symptoms as any result can be genomic sequenced for any new variant of concern . Unfortunately Genomic sequencing cannot be done from  a LFT. The government’s roadmap sets out that controlling of variants of concern is an essential part of cautiously easing lockdown restrictions in England and therefore testing is necessary ‘

Therefore Lateral Flow tests are considered appropriate for detecting asymptomatic cases but not symptomatic cases.   If a child or household member is symptomatic then PCR tests can be booked online https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test and you can click for a ‘Local Authority’ test.

We thank you for your support in ensuring we follow the guidance issued to us to keep our NJS family safe.


Supporting our Children

Dear Parents and Carers

Since our return after Easter we have observed many children finding relationships and friendships challenging.  We can probably all relate to the fact that post lockdown rebuilding friendships will be challenging and acknowledging this with children and encouraging them to have the resilience to cope and manage these situations has never been more important.

Equally we all need to educate our children on the qualities of a good friend so they recognise how they can form positive relationships.  We have a robust curriculum in school alongside our school values which provides a structure for us to hold these conversations.  As well as this we have these conversations as matters occur and encourage the children to learn from these situations.

There have been some fallouts between children and staff have worked to resolve these as soon as they have been made aware.  Our biggest request is that children are encouraged to tell us about any concerns so we can deal with matters before the children leave school so they are not dwelt on overnight.  We would appreciate your support in encouraging children to use this as a strategy for resilience.

If children talk to you at home about relationships that concern you we of course want you to share that information with us (by telephone or email at this time).  It maybe that staff are already aware or that we need to look into the situation further.  Please understand that staff want the best for your children and will be proactive in ensuring they are well supported.  Alongside this please also consider the workload of staff replying to messages: they will be able to respond between 8.30 and 4.30 usually (although remember they will be teaching for much of this time) and emails received overnight will be responded to the following day.

Miss Hardy (our Wellbeing Lead) has put together some resources that could be useful to work on with children and they could help you to structure conversations.  If you want to have a go at these you are more than welcome and if you wish to share the outcome with your teacher please do so.

How people see me activity

How to raise self esteem tips

Improving friendship activity

Positive affirmation activities

Positive Thinking Scenario Cards

Positive Thoughts Activity

Resolving conflict support cards

What Makes a Good Friend Activity

We very much hope that by working together, in partnership, we can support our children.

Take care