Organisation of Classes

As a rule classes are organised according to age. However, when numbers in year groups become unbalanced, mixed age classes containing two-year groups may become necessary to ensure manageable class sizes.
Senior staff co-ordinate the work in each year group and have the responsibility for leading and supporting their colleagues and for the pastoral and educational wellbeing of the children in their care.
At the time of writing our class sizes are as follows:
3R 28; 3B 27; 3S 27; 4K 30; 4F 30; 5M 23; 5S 24; 6J 33; 6M 33
23 hours and 30 minutes are spent on teaching, including religious education but excluding the statutory daily act of worship, registration, lunch and other breaks. The recommended minimum as set out in the DFE Circular 7/90 is 23 1/2 hours for children aged 7-11.