Year 3 Performance TONIGHT!

Please can we ask for your support, we have sent communications for several weeks confirming only 2 audience members per Year 3 pupil.  This is two audience members regardless of their age.  Please can we ask that you adhere to this for the safety and comfort of all.





Please remember:

*Strictly two audience members per child (any siblings or babies etc will count as one audience member).  We will ask you to sign in on arrival.  Please don’t place us in the uncomfortable position of having to ask someone to leave.

*We ask that you arrive through the front security gate: you will be directed to bring your child to the classroom and then to make your way to the hall.

*The security gate will open no earlier than 5.30pm.

*Photographs in this performance:

I know as parents you may wish to take photos of your child in their Christmas performance.  Please note that some children, for a whole range of reasons, do not have consent for their photograph to be taken.

Please can I therefore ask that if you take photographs you try to do so only of your own child and that you do not post any photographs from this performance on social media.