Year 3 Spellings and Homework to be tested 22.11.19

Dear parents,

Year 3 spellings and hwk to be tested 22.11.19

Homework this week will be to keep up the reading and learning 6x and 7x times tables skills, using TTRS, for a test next Friday (Thursday for 3B). For homework this week, children should try to find out and record some information about Emmeline Pankhurst, who is class 3B’s ‘Courageous Advocate’ for this term and record a paragraph or some sentences about her in their orange homework books. Children could find out who she was, when she lived, what she did and why, and the effects of her courage on the world and how it makes them feel / how she inspires them. Over the year, we will be finding out about other famous ‘courageous advocates’, who stood up for their beliefs in some way or another.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team.

Year 3 Spellings and homework

Dear Parents,

Year 3 spellings and hwk to be tested 8.11.19

Children should continue to read at home and fill in their diary. They need to practice their 6x tables and spellings for a test on Friday 8th November (Thursday 7th for 3B). Children should also continue to practice their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x tables, using TTRS and the Studio / Garage section of the program.

For the next three weeks, we would like the children to work on producing a poster about Stonehenge. This can include a picture of Stonehenge, some explanation about the types of stones, how and when it was built and what people think it was used for, plus any other interesting facts that you find out. Please make them beautiful and well-presented, so we can display them! The posters may be hand-crafted or produced on computer, and are due in on Friday 15th November.

We would like to thank you for helping us to get your children settled in this half term, and we wish you a safe and happy half-term holiday!

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team.

Class 3B class assembly costumes

Dear parents of 3B

Children should be aware of costumes by now. For any children with no specific costume requirements/roles, simple, dark-coloured clothing top and bottom will do. If not, then normal mufti will suffice. Please don’t make any special efforts, and don’t worry!
Thank you for your support,


Mr Butler

Wednesday 23rd October @ NJS

On Wednesday 23rd it is whole school mufti for a £1, funds will be going towards the New and Improved Quiet Area.

The PTA Disco is also on Wednesday 3-5pm. Entry to the disco is a £1 and there will be drinks, crisps, sweets & fruit for sale at an additional cost – we advise no more than £4.

Upper School(Yrs 5&6) will have their disco 3-4pm then they will go to the Victoria Block for a movie so can be collected at 5pm from the Victorian Block.

Lower School (Yrs3&4) will have their movie first then into the hall 4-5pm for the disco, they can be collected at 5pm from the school hall.

Year 3 Chetwynd Deer Park visit on Monday 21st October

Dear Parents,

Hopefully, children and yourselves are aware of what is required for this exciting visit now, but just in case, here’s a recap!

All children need to come to school already dressed to go to the deer park. They will have lunch at school as usual, with whatever they do on a Monday normally (packed lunch or hot dinner), so no special arrangements are needed for this.

If the children are going in the morning, they may need a change of clothes to change into for their afternoon at school, especially if the weather is wet. Please ensure they have this with them, just in case they are soaked and need a change.

Children who are going in the afternoon will be going home soon after they arrive back, so no spare clothes are necessary (this is different from the original letter, which stated that all children would need a change of clothes). Class 3B children have had a letter explaining who is in group 1 and who is in group 2.

Class 3W and group 1 from 3B are going in the morning. (Spare clothes needed just in case of rain)

Class 3P and group 2 from 3B are going in the afternoon.(No spare clothes needed)

Hopefully, this is clear. Please ensure your children arrive promptly on Monday, particularly 3W and group 1 from 3B as we will need to be leaving at 9am sharp, to ensure arrival at the park by 9:30am.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team

Class 3B Assembly Thursday 24th October 2:50pm

Dear Parents and Carers of Class 3B,

Class 3B and Mr Butler would like to invite parents and carers of children in Class 3B to watch their Class Assembly performance on Thursday 24th October, starting at about 2:50pm. The performance will start promptly, so please be seated before then.

Children in 3B should have brought home their assembly script today. Please help them to rehearse their lines over the weekend.

Some children have also been asked to supply costumes / masks if possible. Those children have been made aware of this already. Please ask Mr Butler is you need any clarification about this. Please don’t worry if this is problematic – we can sort it out at school over the next few days.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Butler