Club Reminders

Please remember our clubs restart for 6 weeks from Monday. Only children who are signed up for the after school clubs are expected to attend. If your child still requires a place, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Healthy Snacks.

Please can I remind parents about our Healthy Eating Policy and how we encourage children to bring in healthier snack choices for their morning break. Some children are bringing in chocolate snacks, cakes and biscuits.

Can I also ask that snacks are not kept in the child’s lunchbox. These are not to be accessed during the day until they are needed at lunchtime. Snacks can remain in their bags until morning break.

The link below will take you to our Healthy Eating Policy on the website.

Thank you,

Mr Rotherham.



Mrs Wood kindly organises our pen recycling scheme at NJS and a collection had been arranged for today: look how many we are recycling!  Well done NJS.

There are pen collection boxes in all bubbles so pens can be brought into school for recycling.