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As the children will be spending two days with their new teachers, we are only asking the children to read to an adult 3 times and time tables.

The times tables will go online tomorrow so they have a couple of extra days to complete it.

We hope the children have a lovely weekend ready for an exciting week!

For your reference…

Monday & Tuesday – Transition Days

Wednesday – Open evening 3:30-6:00

Thursday – Party in the Park 5:30pm


This week the children have NO spellings! They will need to read to an adult at least 3 times and complete their TTRS homework.

Alongside this, we are asking the children to complete a task about their year 4 memories. They can present their memories however they would like. For example: a poster, a recount, a powerpoint or a written explanation.

The memories task is due in Monday 1st or Tuesday 2nd of July.

TTRS will go online Monday and will be due by Friday – this task is an online task not written.


This week the children have spellings, reading and times tables homework. The spelling test will be next Friday as usual. Please can you ensure you listen to your child read at least 3 times over the week and sign the reading record. TTRS homework will go online from Monday and is due by next Friday at 8:45am.

Spellings Wk 6

Reminder… sports day on Monday! Children can come into school in their sports kit and need to wear a t-shirt for their house colour. If you don’t have a coloured t-shirt please send them in with a white t-shirt.

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 3 and Year 4 PE Kit reminder / Sports Day

Dear Parents,

PE kits

All Children in Year 3 and Year 4 will need their PE kits tomorrow, Thursday 20th June, please.

Also, children may need their PE kits on any given day for the remaining term. Therefore, they need to bring their PE kits into school on a Monday and take home on a Friday for the remaining weeks of term, as we will be taking opportunities to do some PE ‘catch up’ sessions, because of poor weather.

Sports Day

Children will be participating in Year 3/4 combined Sports Day on Monday 24th June. They will need to wear their house team coloured t-shirt on Monday, and can come to school dressed in their PE kits.

In the morning, children will take part in Interhouse sports games, and in the afternoon, parents are welcome to attend from 1.30pm onwards for Sports Day competition events.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3/4 Teams.




Please can the children bring in their P.E kit from Monday this week. P.E could be any day this week as we will decide based on the weather (fingers crossed it’s not as bad as last week).

Thank you!


This week for homework we would like the children to research a dinosaur of their choice. We would like them to produce a poster to tell us about their dinosaur. This is linking to our science unit where we have just looked at fossils.

Alongside this, the children will need to read 3 times to an adult and time tables rock stars homework will be online from Monday.

The spelling test will be Friday 21st June.

Spellings Wk 5

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