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4OP Hockey

4OP had their first hockey lesson today. We practised holding the hockey stick correctly and to hold the stick to increase accuracy and control. We also learnt how to stop the ball and push passes.

4N Rainforest Day

We have had such a fun day today learning all about the Rainforest from Dave -The Rainforest Man! After a very informative talk from Dave all about him and his family’s lived experiences, we got to hold a variety of creatures including a millipede, cockroaches, giant stick insects and the star of the show…. Amelia the tarantula. We have also completed observational sketches and made bead necklaces. The children were excellent ambassadors of NJS today and even Dave commented on their wonderful behaviour. Super proud of everyone today, including some children who used heaps of courage to face their fears.

Here we are with Amelia!

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