4J Class Assembly

This afternoon we have discussed outfit choices for next week. We have suggested wearing bright colourful dresses/skirt and top (60s style if possible) or trousers and a bright colourful shirt.

Please don’t feel like you have to spend any money on the outfits. We have all discussed wardrobes and anything along the lines of above is perfectly fine.

If the children could bring in their outfits by next Wednesday, we can do a full dress rehearsal Thursday and Friday.

We are really looking forward to sharing our assembly with you next Friday!


Art Morning!

What a morning 4J and half of 4S have had! To fit in with our topic ‘All Around the World’ the children were asked to research a country, city or landmark for homework last week. This morning they were able to be creative and use pastels and wax crayons to bring them to life. Stay tuned for 4NJ and the remaining half of 4S tomorrow!

Look at the results…

Journey Art

As our geography topic is all around the world, we decided to combine our art with this also. Therefore, we have been looking at journeys through art. So far we’ve been on a trip to Australia to look at aboriginal art and the techniques they use. in the first lesson we had to design our own symbols for everyday items.

Today, we made our first journey with brown paths, a blue river and camping (red and yellow). We then painted the rest of the map and added the aboriginal dots.

Year 4 – TRIP!

Final details for the trip…

Mrs Jukes’ class are going Monday. They will be joined by half of 4S.

Miss Jones’ class are going Tuesday. They will be joined by the other half of 4S.

As Miss Jones’ class are in school Monday they are welcome to come to school in their PJs (Please see letter sent home). The half of 4S also staying in school can do this as well.

Unfortunately, Mrs Juke’s class and the half of 4S going on Monday must wear their uniform.

We are looking forward to the trip! Please remember your packed lunch on the day!


Rounding in year 4!

This week the children have been learning how to round to 10, 100 and 1000. For the final lesson, the children created learning videos to tell people what they now know.

Below are 3 examples… in these videos the children were given a number and they had to explain their method to find the answer.

We hope you find them useful as a reminder in the future!

Video to 10

Video to 100

Video to 1000

Here is a little rhyme to help the children…

5 to 9 – Climb the Vine!

0 to 4 – Slide to the floor!


All Year 4 children should have come home with a trip letter to the Sea Life Centre for Geography.

To clarify:

4NJ and half of 4S are going Monday 7th October

4J (4EJ) and the other half of 4S are going Tuesday 8th October.

Mrs Sisson has told the children from 4S which day they will be going on today.

Thank you for your support.