Activity Area. Day 5 and 6

Day 5

The workmen have started screwing together a balance weave but still haven’t finished the other two pieces of equipment. They have also started the stepping logs and all they need to do to finish them is put them further into the ground. They have also made 2 sloping balance beams. There is supposed to be 7 pieces of equipment and so far they have made 5. The two that they haven’t started yet are th Varuna bridge and the log rope. The only piece of equipment left from the old adventure playground is the monkey bars and some old wood that is rotten.


Day 6

Today the adventure playground is coming into shape. They have left the monkey bars in there for now but there will not be monkey bars in the new one. They are gathering new planks of wood and they have dug holes for the posts so that they are stable and do not fall over. They still need to do a few things like putting the the rope in for the rope walk and finishing the wobbly bridge. They have measured everything and are nearly done.