Yr 5 Homework – 11/01/19 – 21/01/19

Homework – 11/01/19

On Monday 21st January it is our “Future Me” day, as part of Raising Aspirations week. We would like the children to share ideas about themselves in the future. For homework, which will be for that day, we would like the children prepare something that they can share with the rest of the class about themselves in the future (this can be in the form of a speech, a PowerPoint presentation, a poster etc.)

Children can come into school that day with what they have produced and wearing the clothes their future selves would wear e.g. a firefighter outfit with something to share about firefighting or in a shirt and tie because they want to work in an office etc.

If you would like any further information about this day, then please speak to a member of the Year 5 team


Mr M, Miss H & Mr L.