5H Disco Dancing in PE! By Alyssa, Daniel, William and Callum N from 5H.

imageThe start of 5H PE was a running warm up,Byron was showing great resilience towards the PE lesson . Also the warm up was very energetic.They were clapping along to some music, they got into groups of thirteen to practice a dance .They clapped along to the beat then after eight claps the step to the right then clap again then step to the left. Ted is showing great dancing very efficiently,they are doing this in steps.They where watching a video to show them the moves.After they learnt the moves for the dance they put them together.They whole class is really excited about this dance because they all have big wide grins on there faces.Miss Hardy is being great and confident towards the PE lesson.As they put the dance together you could see a dance routine.As you can see they were getting more happy every second. Now is the end of the lesson they are were doing stretching to cool down.Every one enjoyed there PE lesson.”I found the lesson really fun because I did all the moves correctly.”said Ted Brotherton.
Reported by Alyssa, Daniel, William and Callum N from 5H.