5H Disco Dancing in PE lesson 2! By Sophie, William and Olivia.

The start of this lesson was a stretching warm up whilst running around in a circle ,after they were talking about the beats of a song too. After that they started to dance to the beat of a song. They were watching a tutorial on some disco dance moves. Karol was really focused and pushing himself. Miss Hardy was finding the move maracas quite difficult! Despite this, she looked like a professional. After, they put all of the disco dance moves into one performance. They got into groups of five and had to make up there own dance sequence of eight different moves. Lots of groups worked very hard, especially Guste’s group. After they were doing it in front of the P.E. lesson so every one could see their different ideas .They had to do 8 moves and 8 poses to form a dance.

By William, Sophie and Olivia from 5H.