5L Mayor visit

What a privilege we have had today. Through work in PSHE last term where our class looked at how we could improve our local community, and laid these ideas in letters to the council. We were very delighted to welcome the Newport Mayor councillor Peter Scott into our classroom.

He came in to discuss the issues we had raised and find out more about what affects the young people of Newport. After discussing a wide range of issues from littering to antisocial behaviour it was great to know that our ideas had been listened to and find out what is done in the wider community.

He was also joined by PC Walker-Shale who is a regular visitor to NJS to share the hard work of police and their links to the community.

It was a pleasure to see 5L listening and asking mature questions which was noted by Mayor Peter Scott himself, they were a credit to our school and the community.

we also need to thank Ms Branton for her hard work in delivering these PSHE lessons and creating a link to our local government.