A poem from Mrs Stanley to NJS….


Wow!  Mrs Stanley has a secret talent!  She has written this poem to send her best wishes to you all; thank you Mrs S.


Hi there children, Mrs Stanley here

I’m sat in the garden having a beer

I should be in school, answering the phone

Listening to teachers having a moan,

Checking the registers everyday

Ringing the parents who forgot to say

“my child’s not in, they’re really quite ill

Doctor has seen them and prescribed a pill.”


Instead I’m at home most of the time

Ridding my house from all of its grime

Decorating, baking, knitting and reading

Hours in the garden doing the weeding.


I hope you are all doing your work

Stopping your parents from going beserk,

Doing PE each day with Joe Wicks

Staying at home to prevent getting sick.


Reading along with Miss Hardy at teatime

Watching NJS Grease and seeing us all mime,

Maths in the morning with year 3 Miss Watson

Monday to Friday, another week has gone!


We’re listening to Boris and staying at home

No school, no MacDonalds, no streets to roam,

Drawing dinosaurs and painting rainbows

Staying safe and watching flowers grow.


Out in my garden, I can hear birds singing

But I can’t wait for the days when the school bell is ringing,

I’m missing you all, children, parents and staff

Hoping Mr Moody will make us all laugh.


So, let’s do as we’re told, let’s stay in

Let Mum, in an evening, have her gin,

Do some work, have some fun,

Get in the garden and enjoy the sun.


Let the weeks hurry past

And let schools not be the last

To return to the norm

And get back into form!


Stay safe everyone and hope to see you soon,

Mrs Stanley xx