Coronavirus Update

Please can I thank everyone for their support with the current situation; the team and I are very grateful to you all.  I am incredibly proud of how the staff have worked and maintained calm in school over recent days.  Thank you to your wonderful children who have been great.

The latest advice we have is that anyone with a persistent cough or temperature should be isolating for 14 days and that this includes all family members present in the household.

Pick up and collection arrangements are a challenge whilst schools remain open and yet we are advised to minimise contact.  You may want to consider spreading out on the playground to minimise close contact and you may want to consider arriving as close as possible to 8.50am in order that you do not need to wait for a prolonged period on the playground.  We will not penalise in the current climate for children being late so if you wish to come slightly later than 8.50am to minimise contact then this is also agreeable.

Schools are currently advised to remain open and we will do so until this advice changes.  We hope parents and carers will support us by following the advice given regarding isolation.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting us at this challenging time.