Costumes – Lights Camel Action!

After raiding the drama cupboard, we have found some costumes for our Christmas production. If your child is one of the following, we have a costume for them in school.

Innkeeper’s wife, Mary, Joseph, Camels, Wise men, Angels, Shepherds and Innkeepers.

The following children will need to find a costume for the production.

Donkey – A donkey costume.

Caesar – A roman style costume.

Nazareth townspeople, husband and wife – Brown and grey clothing.

Sheep – A sheep costume

Star – All gold or silver clothing

Singers – Brown and grey clothing

Jive dancers – Bright clothing

Disco dancers – Bright and sparkly clothing

Tango dancers – Shirt and trousers (a tie if possible)

Line dancers – brown and grey clothing, a cowboys hat (only if you have one)


Thank you!