Drop off and Pick Up

Please can we ask parents and carers to support us by not arriving early for drop off or pick up.  We have to put into place staggered drop off and pick up arrangements and keeping within the timing will really help this to run smoothly.

Please don’t be early and please arrive before the end of your time slot otherwise it blocks collection of the next year group.

It is really important that you stay in queue lines, we know this can be frustrating especially on a rainy day when you can see your child waiting but it is important to support social distancing and safe collection.  Please always stay to the left.

Years 3 and 5 we are amending the plan!  You will enter through the security gate and leave through the side gate to exit through the gate opposite Specsavers car park.  Please be mindful of leaving school through a car park, walk on the pavement next to the school building where you can.

We are really grateful to you all for your support with this, we are all learning with new systems and appreciate working in partnership.