Free School Meals

Telford and Wrekin have been amazing delivering meals this week: we work with some wonderful teams.

Update from them:

We continue to deliver Free School Meals to those who children who are eligible around the borough.

Thank you for everyone’s positivity and understanding yesterday as we try and get the logistics in place to support families in our local community.

First of all we would just like to remind everyone that these meals are for only those who are eligible for a Free School Meal due to their financial circumstances.

They are NOT the Universal Free School Meals which your child may receive on a usual school day if they are in reception, year 1 or year 2.

You can check if you are entitled based on your income here:…/school_m…/9/free_school_meals/2

To ensure we get this system running as smoothly as possible in the current situation we’d like to remind people:

Please wait until 2.30pm to report if a meal has not been received.

If you sent us a Facebook message, voicemail or email yesterday please note our team are picking these up you do not need to contact us again about the same issue.

Report any new issues you may have (i.e. missing meal, change of address) via email on Please provide us with your name, the name of your child who is eligible, your telephone number and address, and your child’s school.

If you do need to call us and you leave a voice mail please leave as much detail as possible so we can act quickly based on the information you have provided. We are trying to avoid making call backs where possible to save time.

This is a momentous task delivering over 5,000 meals each day therefore we are not accepting menu or meal requests other than dietary requirements. Our priority is to ensure that all child who are entitled receive their food.

If your financial situation is changing and you feel you may now qualify for a free school meal based on your income you can read the criteria and apply here:…/school_m…/9/free_school_meals/2

Thank you again for your support – it really does help the teams behind the scenes