Going well!

I am really pleased with how today went and want to thank the staff for everything they have done to prepare for the phased increase in numbers which we commenced from today.  The staff have worked incredibly hard to get things in place and welcomed the children back into a happy atmosphere today.

Thank you to the children; as always they have been stars.

Thank you to the parents and carers who read and complied with procedures today: it makes our ‘jobs’ so much easier!

Please remember if/when your child is in school:

*You SHOULD arrive within your ten minute time slot and arrive to collect your child within your ten minute time slot.  (As numbers increase this will help to keep a flow of parents).

*Trainers must be worn (no flip flops, sandals, crocs etc.)

*All children MUST come to school with a water bottle.

Tomorrow I will be directly contacting the parents and carers of Year 6 children who will be returning on Monday.