Half Term

It is half term next week: we hope you are able to enjoy some time as a family.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be no home learning provided during half term.

NJS is closed next week: we have of course provided for our keyworker children who are attending provision with Activ8.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Monday 1st June is a PD day: NJS staff need time to prepare if phased reopening is confirmed.

Thank you to all members of TeamNJS: they have worked incredibly hard over this last half term.  They have cared for keyworker children, provided home learning opportunities, taught live lessons, telephoned you all, completed paperwork ‘behind the scenes’ and even kept you entertained!  I hope they are able to enjoy their half term break; they absolutely deserve it.

Thank you all so, so much for your continued understanding and support.  We are very grateful to all of our wonderful families.