Homework is due in Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th of March. Alongside the homework below, the children have a new set of spellings. The spelling test will be Friday 8th March.

Children will need to read to an adult at least 3 times and new times tables rock stars will be set from Monday.

The Vikings believed in many gods and goddesses. Here are some of the main ones:

Odin – the ruler of the gods. He rode an eight-legged horse.

Thor – the god of thunder. He carried a hammer, and drove a chariot pulled by goats.

Freya – the goddess of love and death. She wore a cloak made of falcon feathers and her chariot was drawn by cats.

For your homework, we would like you to design your own Viking god. Think about the following:

What is their special power? What do they represent? What clothes do they wear? Would your Viking be a hero or a villain? Explain.