Attached is a letter for your attention introducing our transition arrangements and confirming your child’s class teacher for September.

We are really lucky at NJS that we have excellent staff retention and a stable teaching team which remains in place for September. Our excellent NJS staff know the school and children very well and are very good at what they do. Please be assured that all children, as always, will be well looked after on our return to school.

We ask for your support with the information attached. We are all working in unprecedented times and difficult decisions need to made in order to make transition efficient and as reassuring as we possibly can in the circumstances. It is fair to say that nothing can be ‘perfect’ for everyone but decisions have been made with everyone’s best interests at heart.

We are aware that children can feel ‘worried’ at a time of change and inevitably increasingly so this year. It will be ‘normal’ for your child to have mixed feelings… perhaps excitement at a return to school met with a ‘worry’ about a new teacher. Please reassure your child that these feelings are ‘normal’ and that it is good to talk through their feelings with an adult. Please offer reassurances to your child and speak about transition in front of them with positivity and a feeling of new opportunity: friendships, relationships with staff, a new classroom and new experiences.

Please monitor your emails as there will be information coming to you over the next few days/weeks that will help with transition.

Along with every school in England we are currently awaiting our guidance for September: we will write to you with more detail when we have had time to ‘interpret’ the document.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support.

Transition letter