Dear Parents and Carers

As you are aware we enter into a new phase of National ‘restrictions’ from tomorrow.  On behalf of everyone at NJS we hope that all of our families remain safe and well.  Schools remain open throughout this period and we will be working very hard to ensure school remains a safe place for staff and children. School attendance remains compulsory.

There are some updates to make you aware of and that we do expect your support with:

*Parents and carers MUST wear a mask at school drop off and pick up.

*Parents and carers MUST follow the one way systems and move swiftly on and off site to drop off your child.  Please DO NOT stop on school site: children should have everything they need and be immediately left in a morning.  In the afternoon please do not approach your child they will be sent to you.

*You must maintain 2m distance between you and all other parents at all times.

*Guidance remains that children of Primary age do not need masks in school.  If children wear a mask into school we will ask they remove it and store it in their bag until the end of the day.

*Please DO NOT stop to have a conversation with any staff members at any time.  Please communicate with us by telephone or email.  A reminder of our email addresses:

Mrs Moody

Mr Rotherham

Miss Sherry

Mrs Kerr

Mr Jones

Mr Moody

Miss Hardy

Mr Lawson

Mrs Jukes

Miss Jones

Mrs Sisson

Mrs Kuczynska

Mr Butler

Mr Parker

Miss Watson

Mrs Humphries

School office, Mrs Stanley


We appreciate your support with keeping our school family safe at this time.