Key worker Provision

If your keyworker form was returned on Friday then this information applies to you. If we did not have your form we have not made provision for your child.

Please can I firstly remind you of the DFE advice that if you can find alternative care this is the preference in the interests of everyone’s health.

Children are to be brought in the front security gate each morning by a parent or carer at 8.50am.  There will be a staff member on the path checking details on the form and your child will be taken from you there to go straight into school to hand wash.

Children can be collected at 3.30pm from the main yard.

Please note;

* Children should thoroughly wash their hands before leaving home.

* Children must wash their hands on arrival at school and throughout the day.

* Children must wear a school jumper but the rest of their clothing can be comfortable.  Please also bring a change of clothing as many activities will be completed outside.  Children will need a coat.

* We expect children to come to school each day in clean, freshly washed clothing to help with hygiene.

* If we have any concerns about the health of any children we will contact you immediately to collect them.

* Please respect the rules of isolation; if any of your household have a persistent cough or high temperature you should all isolate for 14 days.

* If you, or a member of the household, present with symptoms during the school day we expect you to collect your child immediately in the interests of everyone’s health.

* Your child can bring a packed lunch or have a school meal (the menu may vary from the usual).  Free school meal children will be provided with a meal.

* We expect social distancing to be enforced when your child is not in school.


Thank you for your support.