Remember to vote!

Dear Year 3 Children and Parents,

Hopefully you are all well and getting used to some sort of routine now. I thought I’d check in with you all to remind children that they must try to remember to read the next chapter of ‘Takeover’ on the Fiction Express website. The children all received a letter explaining what to do, with logon details.

Just in case you missed the letter, each Friday, a new chapter is released and children have until Tuesday to read online and decide what happens next, through an online vote. Bear in mind too, that Fiction Express has loads of differentiated stories to read, which the children can access, and if you are registered with your local library, most of them allow access of some sort to online books and daily newspapers for free.

I can see which children have logged in and done their reading on this site and I’d like to say well done to those who have kept up with this!

Anyway, please email the school if you are having problems logging in.

Here is the link address:

Here is a version you can click on to take you to the site:

Log in | Fiction Express

Here at the Butler household we are doing Joe Wicks every weekday, and trying to do all those jobs we have been putting off for ages, along with school work, reading, and chores (and a little bit of relaxing too!)

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Butler & the Year 3 Team