School start and finish times…

Now the children attending school know whose bubble they are in I just wanted to clarify start and finish times:

If you are a keyworker your child can arrive between 8.40 and 8.50 or in the timeslot for their bubble.

If you are a keyworker your child should be collected before 2.45pm, in their bubble slot or 3.30pm – 3.40pm.

Mr Parker: Start 8.40-8.50, finish 3.30-3.40pm

Mr Butler: Start 8.40-8.50, finish 3.30-3.40pm

Mrs Jukes: start 8.40-8.50, finish 3.30-3.40pm

Mrs Kerr: start 8.50-9, finish 3-3.10pm

Miss Sherry: start 9-9.10, finish 3.10-3.20pm

Mr Lawson: Start 9-9.10, finish 3.10-3.20pm

Mr Jones: Start 9.10-9.20, finish 3.20-3.30pm

If we have had permission for your child to walk home they will be dismissed at the start of the ten minute slot.

Please remember to drop your child at the black gate and myself or Mr Moody will be there to receive your child.

Please remember to keep to the left when you collect your child from the playground and to respect social distancing.

Thank you to everyone for their support.