Support for NJS

As always we are overwhelmed with your support at this time.  Our dedicated staff are doing their very best to provide for the children who are attending school and who are having to self isolate at home.

I am encouraging, and have been since March(!), all of our staff to put their wellbeing and health first.  The staff team are an asset to the school and if they look after themselves they will be in the best place to provide the very best provision for our children.

Like every organisation in the country we too are experiencing the pressures of staff needing to shield or self isolate. Our thoughts are very much with these staff members.  Please understand that we do have some reduced staffing so some elements of the educational provision do have to be adjusted; this will however never be at the expense of safety.

We appreciate your support and understanding with this: school is running, safe and children are happy.  We want to offer our very best and  we continue to do so.

Thank you for your support.