Teams Lessons!

These were great this morning!  It was wonderful for the staff to see your children.  Today was an introduction to the technology and we hope your child benefitted.  We were delighted to be able to start this provision on day 2! Well done NJS staff!

Continue to remind your child to enter the lesson on mute and NOT to use the chat function!

I will ParentMail links out later for sessions tomorrow; if you do not receive the link please do email me and I will forward this onto you no problem (


3W 9am Maths

3B 10am Maths

3P 11am Maths

4NJ 9.30am Maths

4J 10am Maths

4S 11am Maths

5H 10am Mindfulness

5L 10am Mindfulness

5M 10am Mindfulness

6J 9am Literacy

6K 11am Literacy

6S 10am Literacy