What are we doing to ‘make a difference’ to you?

We just wanted to ensure that you were all aware of many of the things we are trying to do to support families:

*Every school day (and sometimes weekends!) we have issued a school newsletter sharing information, news and support to our school community.  Our school website has been constantly kept up to date with support and advice.

*Since the 20th March we have issued daily Home Learning activities to all year groups.  These are received by email to year groups the day before the activities should/could take place.  We hoped this would help maintain momentum over time with a daily ‘dose’ of work and regular contact with teaching staff through these activities.

*We are regularly recommending other sources of help with Home Learning if you wish to develop your own or to make additions to our daily offer: all of these have been communicated on our website.

*We have built our repertoire of ‘live’ interaction over time including… a range of story telling, maths lessons, quizzes, challenges, sporting ideas and assemblies.  These feature often on Facebook Live but are also available on our You Tube Channel.

*Teachers have offered ways for children to share work…. teachers have shared email addresses for example so work can be shared and put on the website if appropriate.

*We have tried to build on our value of community by encouraging you to take part in things like ‘Clap for Carers’, taking in food donations on our last day for vulnerable families, asking you to decorate your homes with rainbows, planned VE day celebrations, placing decorations on our fences to brighten our town and encouraging you to write to the Rylands Nursing Home.

*We are working through phone calls to all of our children on roll.  Trying to give children the opportunity to chat with their teachers and check that everyone is doing okay.

*We have tried to make our school family smile!  We have created videos for fun… the Golden Roll, Grease Megamix and Amarillo!

*School has been open everyday with staff working hard to provide care for the children of keyworkers.

We have other ‘things’ planned but hope that if you use our website, emails, Facebook Page and You Tube channel you will find a lot of support for our wonderful NJS family.