World Record Breaking TTRS

I just received an email explaining that the Guinness World Record company have decided to add a record attempt for the most questions answered in one minute on Time Tables Rock Stars.

I know that there are many of you who could have a very good attempt at this and could attempt to be a world record breaker. Make sure you clearly follow the rules if you are interested and want your attempt to be counted.

I would advise some serious practise to make you as quick as you can be!

I have attached the letter explaining the rules and how to enter this competition!

Guinness World Records – TT Rock Stars – Letter to Pupils

Whether you are going to enter or not, why don’t you set your TTRS timer to 1 minute and see how many you can answer. Then you can compare with the record breaking attempt!

I cant wait to hear what scores you managed. My highest today was 38… can you beat that to start with?

All the best,

Mr Lawson