Y6 homework due Wednesday 6th March

Read at least 3 times and ask an adult to sign your reading diary to confirm.

Learn your spellings. Complete detailed sentences and definitions in your homework book.

Children to complete the 10 minute reading task. Please ensure only 10 minutes is given to this task; children need to build stamina.

Children to complete the maths activity. It comes as a 1*/2*/3* challenge so children will choose an appropriate level of challenge.
1* Dividing and multiplying by 10. Digits move to the right for divide and digits move to the left for multiply.
2* Find 1/10 and 7/10 of given amounts. Find 1/10 divide by 10. Find 7/10 divide by 10 then x 7
3* True or False? Are fractions equivalent to decimals and vice versa Children need to apply fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions calculations.