Year 3 Chetwynd Deer Park visit on Monday 21st October

Dear Parents,

Hopefully, children and yourselves are aware of what is required for this exciting visit now, but just in case, here’s a recap!

All children need to come to school already dressed to go to the deer park. They will have lunch at school as usual, with whatever they do on a Monday normally (packed lunch or hot dinner), so no special arrangements are needed for this.

If the children are going in the morning, they may need a change of clothes to change into for their afternoon at school, especially if the weather is wet. Please ensure they have this with them, just in case they are soaked and need a change.

Children who are going in the afternoon will be going home soon after they arrive back, so no spare clothes are necessary (this is different from the original letter, which stated that all children would need a change of clothes). Class 3B children have had a letter explaining who is in group 1 and who is in group 2.

Class 3W and group 1 from 3B are going in the morning. (Spare clothes needed just in case of rain)

Class 3P and group 2 from 3B are going in the afternoon.(No spare clothes needed)

Hopefully, this is clear. Please ensure your children arrive promptly on Monday, particularly 3W and group 1 from 3B as we will need to be leaving at 9am sharp, to ensure arrival at the park by 9:30am.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team