Year 3 Costume information for Hay Presto!

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know, it is nearly that time of year again. The Year 3 children have started practising their Christmas play – Hay Presto! – and are all aware of their roles. If they have any lines, please practice with them to help them learn them for the show. If they don’t have any, please read the song words to learn them, as reading practice.

All of the children will need various costumes. Please see the list below as to what your child will need:

Narrators: Smart clothes, smart, dark trousers with a shirt, or smart dresses and shoes/ smart clothing.

Angels: angel outfit with wings, halo and shoes.

Roman Soldiers: Roman soldier costume with sword/shield if available, or grey trousers and grey t-shirt with helmets.

Townsfolk, including non-speaking Crowd parts: Plain fabric covering for legs (wear shorts underneath!) with plain coloured, dull or white tops and tea towels for head dresses.

Mary and Joseph: Traditional costumes for these two – tea towels for head covering, traditionally brown, blue or green pillowcase for the tunic / top – with armholes cut, plus a length of plain white fabric for leg coverings.

Innkeeper: Traditional costume, like townsfolk, with a plain, cotton kitchen apron and tea towel prop.

Elders, plus Jacob, Thomas, Benjamin, John, Leah, Joanna, Ruth, Rachel: Like townsfolk, with slightly brighter colours for their tunics / top half – greens or bright blues. Elders can wear optional white beards!

Shepherds: Traditional shepherd outfits or plain brown t-shirts with black trousers and tea towels for headdress.

Wise Men – Caspar (Frankincense) / Melchior (Gold) / Balthazar (Myrhh): We can provide these costumes – no costumes required.

Attendants: Dark trousers and red tops with a colourful sash.

Mice: White clothing (White t-shirts, white/light shorts or trousers/joggers)

Oxen and Camels: brown top and dark/brown trousers. Animals will be given a mask to wear, provided by school. Alternatively, you can provide a costume befitting the part your child has.

Donkey/Ass: Donkey ears, brown clothing, make a tail if you like!

Sheep: White clothing (White t-shirts, white/light shorts or trousers/joggers)

Pigs: plain black or white clothing. School to provide a mask for headwear.

All costumes will be needed in school for Friday 8th December, ready for the dress rehearsal on Monday 11th December.

If you are having problems with the costumes please speak to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

We are all very excited and can’t wait to show you the children’s hard work!

Thank you for your continuing support.

The Year 3 Team