Year 3 Waxwork Museum Homework and advice

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following several queries, I would like to offer some further clarification regarding our Raising Aspirations project on an inspirational person.

Once selected, children need to do some research about their person, and bring it in. For example, finding out things about:

  • Age, who they are, what they are mainly famous for
  • Early life / childhood
  • Early adulthood
  • Key events in their life
  • Achievements
  • Legacy (what they will be remembered for)
  • Why you look up to them / are inspired by them.

This information should be as notes /bullet points / key information – it doesn’t need to be perfectly formed sentences – we will be working on that in class over the next two weeks, to create a piece of biographical writing.

Children have been asked to bring in a large piece of card if available, about
2ft x 3ft
approximately, if this is available. This will be used to present their work and stick things onto, as per the pictures of previous waxwork museum days we have posted on the school website.

Another thing that would help enormously would be if children could decorate their piece of cardboard at home, possibly with a printed colour picture (s) of their chosen person, but again, this is not essential, just very helpful / kind.

Again, you do not need to stick on the biographical writing at home. This will be done in school, ready for the Waxwork Museum day on Thursday 8th February.

Finally, children have been asked where possible, to come in dressed as their inspirational person. It is absolutely not essential to buy a premade costume for this purpose, although it is your decision to do so. There is NO pressure from school to do this. E.g. old sheets, parent’s shirts, oversized and safety-pinned clothing can be used, or a trip to the charity shop could suffice. Be creative!

Whilst this advice is for Year 3 children, other year groups may find this information useful. I would advise parents and carers of children from other year groups to speak with their teachers before following this advice.

If you have any further queries, please speak with your child’s class teacher before the end of this week. Hopefully, this will be an enjoyable event and motivating and inspiring experience for the children.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team.