Year 5 Home Learning Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th May – Day 20 & 21

Dear Parents and Year 5s,

Please find attached the year 5 home learning activities for this week. If you split your day and have more of a structured timetable then this may help you to become focussed. Add into your timetable when you are playing in the garden, going for a bike ride/walk, helping with the cooking/cleaning etc – remember all these skills are still learning!!

Please bear in mind the following:

  • These activities are a guide for what you might work through with as a year 5 child.
  • You may wish to complete additional work using the links provided on the school website or suggestions on the NJS Home Learning information page in the Home Learning books.
  • If the activities provided are too challenging or too much for your child, please adapt the work or amount that you do. There is no obligation to complete every activity set each day. Sometimes the tasks may take too long – don’t feel as though you have to complete them all that day, you can always catch up tomorrow! Likewise some of the tasks set are designed to be completed across the week – we have tried our best to emphasise this on the slides!
  • TTRS and learning off by heart times-tables, general reading, spelling patterns previously sent home are all also very important – these can be completed across the week to suit.

All three teachers are looking forward to seeing your work – please feel free to email any work you have completed to us so we can look at it. Also let us know if you would like any work sharing as we can publish it on our school website (the year 5 page) so other children in the year group can see what you have completed. (,,

Make the most of this extra time at home to enjoy and learn things you wouldn’t normally have time for.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Love Miss H, Mr M and Mr L x

Follow this link for the work slides: 11- MonTues 4&5th May- star wars theme maths and reading