3J and 3B Christmas Card Designs

The children in 3J and 3B have been given a Christmas Card Template (3B received theirs on Friday) to complete their Christmas card designs. 3P will be completing their cards in class unless otherwise informed. They need to ensure that their design is within the black border, otherwise it will not be photocopied correctly. Children also need to decorate the whole box; any white will take away from the design. Please encourage children to use bold, solid colours in either colouring pencil or felt tip pen. Do not use glitter, shiny card, 3D objects or any other glued on designs. It is also very important that the designs come back flat and are not folded as the photocopier will pick this up too. These designs need to be completed by Friday 21st September. We hope you enjoy making your Christmas card design; we are very excited to see them!

Good luck 3J and 3B!