Yr 6 Leavers’ Hoodies

Year 6 have received their leavers’ hoodies today, a huge thank you to our wonderful PTA for their efforts in fundraising over the last 12 months. We would like to remind the children of the messages they heard today:

  • The hoodies can be worn in replacement of your green jumper
  • Green jumpers MUST be kept as they are required for the occasional event before you leave (class photo day etc)
  • No hoods to be worn during school at any point.
  • Be sensible with the weather: please do not wear your hoody when it is particularly warm.
  • Please ensure they are washed regularly

The children look amazing and are all very happy with their new hoody!

Best wishes,

Year 6 team

Yr 6 Photography Workshop Reminder

A reminder to all those children who attended the Yr 6 Photography Workshop at Newport Deer Park: you are required to email your teacher a copy of your one chosen photo to be entered to the judges as soon as possible.

The children that used a school device for this event will have the chance to do this during this week.

Thank you!

6J – Learning About Measure

6J have started a new unit in Maths this week: Measure! During this learning they will be looking at different units of measure, converting between units of measure and applying their skills to real-life scenarios. Here are a few images from Lesson 1 where we looked at Metric vs Imperial, as well as which units of measure are used for which purpose.

You could help at home by getting your child to find some items that are measured in grams, litres, centimetres etc and ask them to convert into kilograms, millilitres, millimetres.

Maths Monthly Edition 2

Please find attached the second edition of our maths news letter: Maths Monthly! There is an updated TTRS leader board showing the fastest rockers across the school, plus a maths riddle and 3 different problem solving challenges to attempt.

It also shows what each year group has been learning this week, plus a question that parents/carers at home can ask children to see how well they have remembered their maths from school!

Edition 2

Y6 SATs Workshop Video

Under normal circumstances, the Y6 team would host a SATs Workshop in the school hall to give parents/carers important information about the upcoming SATs tests.

With restrictions in place this was not possible this year, so we have filmed the workshop for you to watch instead. The powerpoint slides are also attached for you to access. These cover the access arrangements of the tests, the timetable for the week, example questions and how you can further support at home.

We hope that this helps to answer any queries you or your child may have, however please speak to a member of staff if there is anything else you would like to know.

sat workshop 2022 – Please view these alongside the video.

Best wishes,

Y6 Team

Ukraine Donations Success!

A massive thank you to everyone that donated towards our efforts to support those affected by the war in Ukraine!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of items we received, and feel humbled to know that we have made a difference to the world outside of Newport.

The van (supplied by Peter Booth Electricals) has now taken our items, and therefore we ask that any donations that were to be bought in tomorrow and now donated at another collection point. 

Once again, The Global Avengers, and the whole NJS family would like to thank you for your AMAZING effort at supporting this cause!