London Day 2

Another wet but even more wonderful day in London for the year 6 children. Today we have taken a river cruise along The Thames, completed the royal walk – including witnessing the changing of the guards – visited the fantastic attractions at The National History Museum, had our evening meal at The Rainforest Cafe before the children watched The Lion King at the theatre. The rain certainly didn’t deter the children, they have loved every minute of their second day! More photos to follow.

London Day 1

A wonderful but wet first day in London. The rain certainly didn’t dampen the spirits! We walked over 500 steps up to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral, visited the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London and walked along The Thames for a visit to the park. All of the children have been fantastic and have thoroughly loved their first day!

Y6 Photography Workshop

A reminder that any children who attended the Photography workshop last Tuesday are expected to bring their chosen photo to Mr Jones by Tuesday. This needs to be in an electronic format (USB/email) to be copied onto a school computer.

If you are unsure of how to do this please, please ask a member of staff.

Y6 Maths Club

Just a reminder for parents that Mr Jones’ Maths Club will be on tomorrow. It runs from 3.30 – 4.15 and children should be collected from 6J’s outside door (by the main reception.) Children are encouraged to bring a drink and enjoyable snack to the session.


Year 6 Mosque Visit

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Telford Central Mosque today. We are very grateful to the Imam and Mr Maqsood for helping arrange the visit. The children were fantastic and learned an awful lot during their time there. Revered Merry also attended the visit and it was great to show the understanding of both faiths to the children. 

Here a few quotes that the children gave about their visit:

“It was really fun to learn about another religion and visit their place of worship…”

“I thought it was really informative and I learned lots of new things…”

“My favorite part was learning some Arabic words…”

“It was fun to get to see their prayer mats and listen to the talk about how important the pillars are in Islam…”

Y6 Mosque Visit

A reminder that Year 6 are visiting Telford Central Mosque in Wellington on Monday. Group 1 (6J + half of 6S) will be leaving school at 9am and are due to return by 11.15am. Group 2 (6K + half of 6S) will be leaving NJS at 10.15am and are due to return at 12.30pm. All children will eat lunch at school as normal.

Children are asked to ensure they are wearing long sleeve tops and trousers for the visit. We have also asked that they bring a hat or scarf to respect the rules of the Mosque. Revered Merry from St Nic’s church will be joining us for our visit.