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Yr 6 Homework

Homework due by Wednesday 28th February.

  • Complete statutory spellings words from Yr 5/6 list including paragraph containing words in context.
  • Complete SPaG homework on Blooket! “Blooket is an exciting new take on the modern classroom review game. It aims to match action with education to create the ultimate learning experience!” This has been used in school and children have really enjoyed competing against one another! If you encounter any problems with this, please do not worry – it is our first time using this as homework. To access it, please click on the following link:  Blooket – SPaG Homework or follow the QR code below.

Yr 6 Homework

Homework due in by Wednesday 7th February.

  1. Complete Yr 5/6 statutory spelling words including paragraph of writing in context.
  2. Complete mini SPaG test covering lots of aspects from punctuation & grammar.
  3. Complete mini arithmetic test – we advise that the children have a 20 minute time limit on this, to reflect the need for efficiency in their SATs. 

Weekly homework is part of our on-going effort to best prepare our children for the transition to secondary school and we greatly appreciate your support at home with this.

Yr 6 Homework

Homework due in by Wednesday 31st January.

  1. Complete spellings and paragraph containing the words in context.
  2. Complete angles worksheet – this follows on from our work on angles in class. For more support on angles please see the following link:
  3. Research Wax Work inspirational person. Children have been asked to research and find out information about their chosen inspiration. This will support our literacy work this week where we will be writing a biography.

As ever, please present your homework to a high standard and ensure it is with your class teacher before the deadline.

Yr 6 Homework – Wk 2

Homework due by Wednesday 24th January.

  1. Complete information poster on The Tudors. This is our Spring term topic so we would like the children to present any information they can find out on The Tudor dynasty, which can be presented throughout the Yr 6 corridor.
  2. Complete spelling practice. These words are taken from the government statutory spellings words.

As ever, please encourage children to complete their homework as this is good preparation for the transition to secondary school.

Thank you.


Yr 6 Homework

Homework due in by Wednesday 6th December 2023

  1. Complete spellings including paragraph containing the new words.
  2. Complete word class activity sheet. For support on word classes you can visit:
  3. Complete improper & mixed number fractions worksheet. For help on how to convert between these types of fractions please see: Maths is Fun – Converting Fractions

These activities are designed to build on the knowledge that the children have been developing within class this week, as well as recapping on some prior learning.

As ever, please ensure homework is presented to a high standard in your homework books.

Yr 6 Homework

Homework due by Wednesday 29th November:

  1. Complete spelling practise including written paragraph.
  2. Complete Colon worksheet.
  3. Complete scaffolded fractions worksheet (these questions provide less scaffold as you work through them)

As ever, please ensure your homework is presented to a high standard, including capital letters and full stops where required.

Yr 6 Homework Week 6

Homework due in by Wednesday 25th October.

Please complete the following:

  1. Alliteration Worksheet – this also serves as handwriting practice; please ensure you are presenting your work neatly. Alliteration
  2. Complete Spellings from the statutory spelling list.
  3. Complete Multiplication worksheet. This is a recap of what we have been looking at in class. Multiplication 4 by 2 digit

If you require any support with multiplication strategies, please use the following link:


Yr 6 Homework Wk 5

Year 6 Homework for Week 5.
Due in on Wednesday 11th October.
1. Complete spelling words and paragraph using words in context.
2. Complete palindrome worksheet.
3. Complete multi-step addition & subtraction problems in context.

Please ensure your homework is presented to a high standard and given to your teacher on time.

Attachments of the homework tasks can be found here:



Y3-4Spellings 1-110

Yr 6 Homework Wk 2

Please see below for information on the Yr 6 homework this week.
Cloze Sentences
Y3-4Spellings 1-110

Year 6 will be working through the lower key stage spellings before moving onto the upper school spellings.

This week’s spellings are taken from pg 2 of the document.

In addition to this, we are asking children to produce an information file on our new science topic of LIGHT. This learning will be used on display in the Yr 6 corridor.

Reminder: Homework due in on Wednesday 20th October. 

Complete spelling practice including paragraph.

Cloze sentences activity – fill in the missing words taken from the spelling list.

Complete a light information file. This could be a poster, leaflet, diagram or any other format the child chooses.

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