Below you will find the homework due Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th of February.

  1. Spellings

Spellings Wk 6

2. Read at least 3 times to adult.

3. From Monday the new TTRS homework will be online. When the children log in, they will have to complete their homework before accessing any games.

4.   For your homework this week, we would like you to read a newspaper article of your choice and complete the following:

  • What was the title of the article and what was it about?
  • Explain why you chose this article.
  • Did you learn something new? Write two facts about the article you read.
  • Did you enjoy reading this article? Please explain.

You might like to have a look at First News (www.firstnews.co.uk), an award-winning national UK newspaper for children, which covers positive stories and celebrates what is good about the world.