Sainsburys School Games

Mrs Follos and Miss Payne have taken a group of children to the sports village in Shrewsbury for the finals of the Sainsburys Schools Games today. Mini tennis and orienteering were our events and the children competed with determination, enthusiasm and respect. They really did adhere to the rules of the Spirit of the Games and did themselves proud. Apologies for photos being the wrong way up. Mrs Follos couldn’t find how to turn them around!!!😣

Aquathlon 2018

20180513_152716Sunday 13th May

The sun shone for us at the Wrekin College Tri Club Schools Aquathlon today. Our 4 enthusiastic team members did us proud swimming 50 metres and running 600m each. All team members did a fabulous job and were great ambassadors for NJS. Well done to James Frost, Mabel Bowen, Jack Yates and Olivia Buckland.

Tennis Tournament


Year 3 and 4 children went to Oakengates tennis centre this morning for a primary school tournament. They played extremely well and are proud to announce that they came 3rd out of 12 teams, earning themselves a bronze medal.

They all had a great time and it was lovely to see parents spectating too. Well done to you all.

Activity area. Day 7.

Day 7

They now have lots to go across the bridge and they have made a start on the log walk. The workmen have made a start on all seven pieces of equipment and they are doing a very good job! They have got all of the pieces of bark ready for the ground covering.

They have completely finished 4 pieces of equipment and just need to finish the last three. Also, before they finish they need to remove the monkey bars and spread the bark.

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Activity Area. Day 5 and 6

Day 5

The workmen have started screwing together a balance weave but still haven’t finished the other two pieces of equipment. They have also started the stepping logs and all they need to do to finish them is put them further into the ground. They have also made 2 sloping balance beams. There is supposed to be 7 pieces of equipment and so far they have made 5. The two that they haven’t started yet are th Varuna bridge and the log rope. The only piece of equipment left from the old adventure playground is the monkey bars and some old wood that is rotten.


Day 6

Today the adventure playground is coming into shape. They have left the monkey bars in there for now but there will not be monkey bars in the new one. They are gathering new planks of wood and they have dug holes for the posts so that they are stable and do not fall over. They still need to do a few things like putting the the rope in for the rope walk and finishing the wobbly bridge. They have measured everything and are nearly done.


Activity Area Day 4

The workmen have made a lot of progress! They have started two new pieces of equipment: the rope walk and a bridge. They have cleared most of the old rotten equipment from the area now so it looks much better. They have even started to bring poles round and have placed them at the edge of the playground ready. They are on track to finish by the middle of next week so fingers crossed.

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Activity Area Day 3

The workmen have nearly cleared the whole area. Today they started to build a rope walk. A rope walk is two pieces of rope attached to 2 poles about 2metres apart. You have to walk along the bottom rope, holding onto the top rope as you go. They have also started digging the ground so maybe they are preparing it for the next piece of equipment. We are wondering what it will be. Have a look at the plan.




Activity Area

Our new activity area construction is underway! School Council are keeping track of progress and are writing a diary to keep everyone up to date.

Day 1

The workmen are taking down the old adventure playground to build the new one. First of all, they sawed off the metal with a chainsaw and then started to saw down the wood. The wood has rotted under the ground and that is why it has to be replaced. It is not safe. They are cutting the wood into chunks to make it easier to carry.

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Day 2

Today they have started to dig up the ground to remove the rotten pieces of wood. They have left a few poles in the ground. To dig up the ground, they have used a mini digger to make it quicker (instead of using a shovel). They as also brought a small vehicle to carry the wood for them so that they don’t have to carry it themselves. It also makes the process a whole lot quicker.


Year 4 Viking Day

The children had a great time dressing up as Vikings today. They made shields, designed brooches and even voted on the next King in 1066. The costumes were amazing and even the staff had fun!! 😁Collage 2018-03-26 23_08_07Collage 2018-03-26 23_09_28Collage 2018-03-26 23_11_03Collage 2018-03-26 23_12_22Collage 2018-03-26 23_14_49 Collage 2018-03-26 23_14_49