Year 3 Spellings and homework to be tested 7.2.20

Dear Parents,

Apologies for the late post – we forget to up load these. Hopefully your child should have brought home their spellings and homework last week, on Friday.

Year 3 Spellings and homework to be tested 7.2.20

Homework for February

Over the next week, children need to complete their Roman poster homework for Friday 7th February. 

After this, Year 3 will be studying Roman shield designs. As part of their studies, homework until Friday 28th February will be to make a full-sized shield.During this period, Reading and Spelling homework will continue as usual.

Children may use a variety of materials to make their shields. In the past, we have had mainly painted cardboard ones, made from large cardboard box materials, various coloured foils for decoration, cardboard tubes or pieces of wood for handles and papier mâché designs on the fronts / sometimes small plastic bowls or foil pie-casings covered in paint /glue mixtures for the ‘lumps’ on the front of their shields.

We would like the Roman shields to be approximately 1m high. Children can use a range of materials to make and decorate their shields according to their planned design.

Please ask us if you need any further guidance.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 3 Team