Year 3 Spellings and Homework to be tested Friday 8th February

Dear Parents,

This week, and from now on, Class 3B will have their spelling tests and homework due date as a THURSDAY. Therefore, children in 3B need to get their homework done and spelling learned for Thursday 7th February next week.

Class 3P and 3J spelling / homework due dates will remain with the same days that they are currently using. Please contact your class’s teacher if you are unsure.

Please help your children learn their spellings by writing each word out several times, playing games with them (hangman, spelling tennis etc).

Children will be tested on their 3x, 4x and 5x tables this week during Times tables Rock Stars (TTRS) and during their ‘in school’ tests. We would like them to be allowed to access TTRS at least 5 mins every day, if possible.

Week 5 Year 3 Spelling and homework to be tested 8.2.19

Homework this week is a verb tenses sheet. Please support your child to complete this.

Thank you.

The Year 3 Team