Advice for parents regarding online safety.

During this time most of us are using the internet more than ever. Children and families are relying on the benefits the internet can provide. This advice sheet from the Home Office is to support parents in ensuring they are aware of some of the risks and challenges children may come across unless their digital diet is monitored and supervised.

Digital safety during COVID-19 pdf

Elsie’s VE Day Poem.

It was…

Crazy and fun music was playing everywhere neighbours were playing instruments loud.

Bunting and flags hanging from the houses brightly colured posters in the windows.

It was…

A warm sunny day on scooters and skate bords, dogs running wild.

Tables covered with delicious food, cakes scones, jam and cream, meeting new people we’d never seen.

It was…

The minutes silence at 11am and the Queen’s speech played at 3.

Delivering treats to all the neighbours, receiving of gifts and some favours.

It was…

So much fun and joy until it turned dark and the celebrations ended. ☹