Baking Lesson – Monday 15th June!

Morning everyone!

After the baking lesson last week, I thought we could have another one! So Monday 15th June at 1pm… this time cupcakes (a firm favourite in my family). If you could have your ingredients weighed out before the 1pm, that will be great! 

Below are the ingredients for vanilla cupcakes. When your cupcakes are baking, I will show you some of my tips and tricks for decorating. I have some piping tips that I’ve brought over the years, I use an open star tip or large star tip for most of my cakes along with an icing bag (I usually get mine from home bargains).

You do not need to worry if you don’t have icing bags or any tips… I will show you a great way of using a sandwich bag as a piping bag instead! You can also go for the classic cupcake with normal icing (icing sugar and water) with sprinkles! The possibility is endless. I’ll explain more on Monday!

So Vanilla option: 12 cupcake cases

150g softened butter

150g caster sugar

3 medium eggs

150g self-raising flour

Vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of milk (this may be needed)


150g of unsalted butter at room temperature – this needs to be unsalted and not stork/cake butter

350g icing sugar

2-4 tablespoons of milk (how much you will need will vary)

Vanilla extract

See you on Monday!

Miss Jones x