Year 4 reminders for week beginning 8/2/21

Hi Year 4,

For next week’s other tasks you will need to collect some ‘junk’ to use. This could be coloured paper (sweet wrappers) boxes, egg boxes, bits of paper or anything else you think you would find useful for:

  1. Collage making on Tuesday – bright colours needed
  2. Musical instrument making on Thursday

Please could children in school bring them in with them.

On Friday the children in school will also need to wear clothes suitable for P.E.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Sisson

Year 4 Science

For our science  lessons (about light) for the next couple of weeks we will be working with torches. If you have a torch at home you could let your child borrow please could you send it in labelled with your child’s name and preferably with batteries!!

This will allow the children to independently explore the topics we have planned by experimenting – the best way to become a  true scientist.

Thank you in advance,

Mrs Sisson